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© 2012 Mark Robertson 2014

© 2012 Mark Robertson 2014

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In 1994 Mark Robertson had his closest brush with fame when he 'became' the first drummer for legendary Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole. At the time Cheryl was eight years old and appearing in Whitley Bay Am-Dram Panto. Twelve years on Ms Cole had released a greatest hits album and was well on her way to amassing a multi-million pound fortune, pausing only to perform at venues like Wembley Stadium. Mark Robertson was still in the North-East playing jazz gigs for food and/or petrol money. Stumbling on a set of cheap biros and some scrap paper he set to writing a novel. It's the story about people who would struggle to find the entrance money for Wembley Stadium but they wont let a simple problem like being penniless stop them from achieving their goal.